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A modernized interpretation of the original


Blending the iconic design of the classic DeLorean with cutting-edge electric technology, the LYNX DMC-EV™ represents the ultimate fusion of nostalgia and innovation. With its sleek stainless-steel body and distinctive gull-wing doors, the LYNX DMC-EV commands attention wherever it goes. The original was designed to be as audacious and visionary as its namesake. Beneath a retro exterior lies a high-performance electric powertrain

delivering exhilarating acceleration and a whisper-quiet ride. Each DMC-EV interior is luxurious, and comfortable, filled with driver enhancements. Whether you're cruising city streets or taking a spin on a test track, the LYNX DMC-EV offers an unparalleled driving experience that's as thrilling as it is eco-conscious. Step into the future with the LYNX DMC-EV and experience the best of both worlds – classic style meets electric performance.

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The Lynx Difference


- Personalized White Glove VIP Experience

- 3 Year Bumper-to-bumper Warranty

- Guaranteed Buy-back Program

- Industry Leading Build Practices

- Customization Options:

  • Custom Personalized Interiors
  • Exterior Paint Options
  • Custom Paint Color Choices

STARTING AT: $299,500




- 2-Door, 2 Seat Sportscar

- Based on 1981-1983 Delorean DMC-12
- Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
- All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
- 4 High Output Electric Motors
- 70 kWh CATL Battery Pack
- Up To 250 Mile Range (estimated)
- 0-60 MPH In About 4 Seconds (estimated)
- NACS (TESLA) Charging Standard
- Updated Exterior Design
- State-of-the-art LED Lighting For Street Legal Compliance
- Performance Interior
- LED Instrument Display & Touchscreen
- Side Intrusion Protection & Traction Control

Begin youR Custom-Built Journey to the future

Every LYNX Motor vehicle is built to an exact standard and defined by a bespoke customization process individual to each and every owner. Contact our concierge build team to begin your customer journey today.

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