The past just lapped the future

Yesterday meets tomorrow

A lineage of racing excellence meets the future of performance

In 1966 Carol Shelby and Ford Motor Company turned the racing world upside-down by winning the 24 hours of Le Mans with the GT40. In 2005, the DNA of that iconic racer was infused into the Ford GT sports car designed by Camilo Pardo. The iconic car instantly captured the hearts of enthusiasts around the world.

A race version of the reimagined Ford GT, developed by Matech Concepts was built to compete in FIA GT1 and Le Mans. A few of the surviving 2005 Ford GT chassis, along with original body panel molds, have been acquired by Lynx Motors to be transformed into exotic, road-ready, all electric versions of the GT1 race car, the LYNX GT1e.


At this speed, every eye will be on you for one glorious fraction of a second.


Every detail is yours

Each LYNX GT1e will be crafted in exquisite materials around the exacting specifications of each owner. In addition to unmatched performance and luxury, each GT1e owner will have the opportunity to have Camilo Pardo, designer of the 2005 Ford GT, design a custom livery for their car to make it truly one-of-a-kind, along with a specially created piece of his artwork featuring their personal vehicle.


Crafted to the highest level

A mere 28 of these GT1e ultra-performance vehicles will be produced and electrified with 4 high output motors generating a staggering projected 2400 horsepower. To prove the capabilities of the GT1e, LYNX will be working with world renowned tuners to attack some of the most iconic performance benchmarks.


An unbelievable customer journey

LYNX’s commitment isn’t simply to build the finest modified vehicles on the planet. We also want to create the ultimate owner experience that surpasses your every expectation at every level.

Our world needs answers


Should you compromise your demand for exhilarating performance to balance the well-being of the planet? On the contrary, we believe you can surpass your expectations and still be an environmentally responsible citizen. Our electrified vehicles are designed to out thrill and outperform their fossil-fueled counterparts. We will continue to innovate the power, range and sustainability benefits of alternative power sources to remain at the forefront of this important initiative.

Vehicles you once thought were sadly extinct are gloriously resurrected. Only more powerful and luxurious than ever. The DeLorean DMC-EV™ by LYNX Motors is a one-of-a-kind modern re-interpretation of the iconic original. Re-engineered to add advanced electrified power, chassis dynamics and safety, improving handling and delivering exhilarating performance. The DMC-EV™ by LYNX, far surpasses its fabled lore and delivers on its grand vision for the future.

The past is now a


Begin youR Custom-Built Journey to the future

Every LYNX Motor vehicle is built to an exact standard and defined by a bespoke customization process individual to each and every owner. Contact our concierge build team to begin your customer journey today.